Automagic taglib descriptors with XDoclet and Maven 2

From time to time I do write JSP taglibs. The java-part of this is almost fun. But writing the tld-files by hand is something that simply is just boring. Therefor I use XDoclet (webdoclet) to generate these tld-files for me. This small tutorial will show you what XDoclet tags you must set in your taglib class, and finally how to get XDoclet doing the magic with Maven 2.

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How to get a Thinkpad t60p to run with dual head on Linux

I’ve finally managed to get my Ubuntu Dabber Linux up and running with dual head in X. The problem with Thinkpad t60p is the ATI card. It demands a properitary driver from ATI to work, and also a great deal of work in xorg.conf. I’ve tried a great deal of different approaches, but the one discribed here should be the easiest.

1) Download the Linux driver from

2) Install the driver by executing (or whatever your download is called).

3) You can know choose to run aticonfig –initial=dual-head, or look into my xord.conf. What ever you do make sure to install Xinerama and include it in your xord.conf

Section “ServerFlags”
option “Xinerama” “true”

Here is my xorg.conf

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My next laptop will be a Mac!!!

I’m so sick and tired of Linux and Windows on my Laptop. Has anyone ever had a windows based laptop where sleep/suspend really worked? Or does there exist a laptop where you don’t have to do anything to get this working (except from installing linux off course)?

I’m tried of having to check, and then double check the supported linux hardware every time I buy a laptop that’s supposed to run linux.

Getting Gentoo up and running on a Dell Inspiron 8600

Getting Gentoo up and running on a Dell 8600 Inspiron is fairly easy. But I had some initial problems with the network settings.

The problem was that the network card (Broadcom 4400) wasn’t detected. To fix this I simply had to execute.

> modprobe b44

But the tricky part was that I had to unplug the network cable (and then put it back) before I could start the eth0 interface.

> /etc/init.d/net.eth0 start

Except from this I just had to follow the installation instructions from Gentoo.

Back to work

After 4 months of spending time with my youngest son, it’s about time to go back to my work at NHST. I must say that it is with mixed feelings that I do return to my office. On one hand I look forward to meet the colleagues again, but on the other hand it’s really nice to control your days without having to go to job. Hopefully I will have a chance to look at a lot of new technologies the next couple of weeks…