Bye Twitter!

During the last week I have really tried to get the grip on Twitter. But no matter how hard I’ve tried, I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m to old.

Anyway here is my 8 reasons to remove my account.

1. I’m not interested what music people are listening to, what parties they are on, +++.

2. Replies on twitter sucks! Bigtime! They do not point to the actual post, only to the person who wrote it. Hence there is no point in trying to follow a conversation.

3. Given the limitation of 140 characters per posting, people tend to use services like to shorten url’s. This really sucks as well. Cause I have no chance to see if this is pointing to an url I already have seen or not. It wastes my time.

4. People tend to post the same links. In the previous #IE6 campaign on Twitter my estimate is that more than 60% of the messages was duplicates.

5. I already have more than 8 ways to communicate on the Internet. I really don’t need another.

6. Some people I’m following on Twitter seems to be “twitterholics”. They just have to post something every hour. Even though they really doesn’t have something to say.

7. There are a mix between companies and people in twitter. I really do not like that companies can use this arena as a free commercial channel.

8. Twitter only makes some sort of sense with a client like Twitterific. I find it really disturbing. And it takes my mind away from things I am supposed to do at work.

So my conclusion is that Twitter probably suits people without a life that desperately tries to find out what all the other folks are doing.

But maybe I am wrong, and that I one day will return with an open mind. Until then…..

…bye Twitter!

4 thoughts on “Bye Twitter!

  1. Looks like you didn’t last too much. I didn’t get twitter for months, had to really keep trying to use and understand the service. As I usually say, using twitter is like to have an imaginary friend :)..

  2. Did you follow your co-workers? Don’t. At least not automatically. Did you follow everyone who followed you? Don’t. It’s not reciprocal. You know you can stop following people, right? Just stop following spammers. Find people or entities (news papers tweeting headlines, jeeezzzz) whose opinions you value. Tweet only original stuff, just like you wouldn’t repost entire posts in your own blog, don’t “RT” stuff just to tell your entourage. If you find people who retweet a lot, just defollow them.

    Tweet stuff that matters to you, and the people who follow you will be people who value your opinion. (Or they are people like @oyvind… )

    But I share a few critisizms. People use it instead of delicious, but URLs are obfuscated. That sucks. Companies use it to spam with commercials. (Although the tern “spamming” isn’t quite true, since you have actually asked for it.)

    I don’t get the custom clients like twitterfox, that make twitter ubiquitous. Treat it like another web app. Use it from your browser and your mobile phone. that makes it a lot less intrusive; you still have to actively _look_ but you’re still in control of your time.

    Hearing half of a conversation that one of your followees is having with one of his followe(e|r)s is pretty useless. Using twitter instead of IM definetly sucks… I couldn’t care less about the share of #IE6 users out there. A way to ignore conversations or even hashtags would be cool.

  3. Erik : You have some good points here about original stuff and whom to follow. I guess I will stay a little bit longer, but not follow more than a few.

    But I still think that Twitter is used differently than it was supposed to. The question you are answering each time you post is “What are you doing right now”.

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