Ok, I’ve got it Twitter

At least I have the balls to admit that I was wrong about Twitter (http://www.jakobnielsen.net/?p=25). But I still stick to a lot of what I said in the post referred.

I still think that some people are spamming their Twitter account a lot. But I have found the “unfollow” button. So now I follow people that tend to tweed funny stuff or things that I am interested in.

I still dislike the reply system. It is extremely hard to understand that people are finding this useful. I also stick to everything I said about tiny urls. They waste my time.

I have found software that makes it easier to follow communication on all the different services like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, ++. So it really doesn’t bother me being on yet another channel anymore.

So my new view on Twitter is: It is a nice little tool keeping me updated on things that interests me at work. But it has really no value for my private life. There Facebook is the right tool.